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Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Training Workshops

Integrated Growth Advisors will work with your executives to ensure an appropriate level of business acumen in order to effectively work towards your company’s growth objectives —from the inside first.

Our Training Workshops are created from the core competencies of IGA and address many of the complex challenges we see businesses attempting to overcome on a daily basis.

The Entitlement Trap: This workshop is for C-level executives, partners, and managing partners.

In this workshop we enable various C-level executives and managers to begin to have honest, open, and constructive dialogues focused on ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of a business.

Entrepreneurial Focus Workshops:  This training is for staff, managers, and partners.

The purpose of the is Workshop is to bring participants to an understanding the importance of serving the needs of a client while also serving the needs of the firm. This occurs in the context of how both relation to an understanding of enhancing profitability and opportunities for sustained growth.

A core element for this Workshop is focused on the development of Business Acumen, which is defined as the knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing, and operational functions of an organization.

Business Development for an Emerging Partner: This workshop is primarily geared towards organizations in the professional services sector.

We work with your emerging partners and emerging leaders to groom them for the next steps in their own personal and professional growth within your business.

  • CPAs (CPE credit)
  • Lawyers (CE credits)

Maximizing the Return on Your Centers of Influence: This training is for staff, managers, top leadership.

We work with your team to identify the Centers of Influence for your business and how to ensure the best possible outcomes from those entities. This session is geared towards providing participants with a tremendous long-term value by ensuring that your business is properly attuned to critical factors that can deliver outsized returns.

Learn more about our programs and inquire about customized programs for your business. Contact us today.

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