Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Risk Advisory Services

We work closely with clients to assist in the management of risk and the achievement of strategic business objectives through proper internal control systems.

Our professionals provide the value-added risk management capabilities needed to identify business risks, mitigate business risk, support business strategies, and remediate weaknesses in client processes.

Our risk advisory capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit
  • Business Process Enhancement
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Compliance

Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit

Integrated Growth Advisors advises organizations on their approach to designing and implementing an enterprise risk management function that is practical and cost-effective.

Business Process Enhancement

Integrated Growth Advisors assists organizations to achieve reliable performance and continuous improvement of their operations by providing controls optimization and business process enhancement and improvement services.

Learn how IGA can help you manage risk. Contact us today.

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