Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

The IGA Process

Our professionals are skilled in the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes. Our professionals will benchmark your processes against best practices in your industry and make recommendations for improvement.

Our Project Implementation process is divided into four phases; I. Define Success for the Project, II. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses, III. Develop a Plan, and IV. Execute the Plan.


Phase I. Define Success

Phase I begins by our client establishing a steering committee to participate in the process development initiative. We begin defining success for the project based upon expectations of the Client’s Steering Committee. We then conduct a risk-reward analysis based upon a collaborative discussion with Client Management in order to prioritize which tasks will be undertaken first. Our discussions and activities from Phase I result in a scoping document for use in navigating the project.

Phase II. Assess

Phase II consists of taking our understanding of the business practices noted in Phase I a step further to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s culture as well as the company’s readiness to implement an overall process around the relevant business objectives.

Phase III. Develop Plan

Phase III for the project is focused on determining the “right size” and “right shape” of a plan that will be implemented by the company.

IGA will introduce various measures based upon the results of the assessment in the previous phase. Once there is an initial plan in place, IGA performs a risk assessment and scoping exercise in collaboration with company management.

Phase IV. Execute

The final step in the implementation process is to execute the plan at all levels within the company. The key factor in effective execution is obtaining senior management buy-in at the highest levels and setting a strong tone at the top of the organization that communicates the senior management’s desire to drive opportunities for growth of the company.

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