Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Privately Held Businesses

Our Privately Held Business vertical is focused on businesses with $5MM – $50MM in annual revenues. Privately held business of this size can experience dramatic growth over a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, as the business grows, the architecture surrounding the business is subject to compromise.

Business owners seek our assistance when:

  • They are growing too fast or growing too slow
  • They desire to have better control of their organization
  • They are considering an exit from their business either through a sale, transfer to a family member, or transfer to a key employee
  • They desire a review of their internal controls or business processes

The Challenges

The Integrated Growth Advisors team has deep expertise in this area, and we regularly work with clients facing direct challenges to the overall health of a business.  The common areas we see are created by challenges around Growth, Control and Transition.

Our team is well-versed in identifying core issues, providing solutions, and effectively communicating throughout the entire process with the objective of achieving “buy-in” during the phases of our process.

Our Process

We typically begin a new engagement with an assessment period where we measure the health of your business and also conduct a series of interviews in order to obtain critical domain knowledge about your business.

We then work with your team to establish clear goals and to identify key points of focus.  This is typically what we refer to as “Growth Advisory Services“, and the nature of these services can be focused on specific areas but often we offer process improvement suggestions as well to ensure that your business is not only able to grow but is actually ready to grow.

The next phase tends to focus in some capacity on the implementation of tactics developed in the “Growth Consulting” phase.  Depending on what is required, our able team will either provide direct Implementation Services, or if your business requires efforts outside of our own expertise, we will work with you to attain the best possible resources for your scenarios.

The IGA Orientation

Our background is in numbers, and we are big believers in the power of math.

We also have a deep appreciation for the nuance that is inherent in every business with factors such as the founders, business life-cycle, the vendor relationships, and influences beyond the business owner’s control.

That said, at IGA we pride ourselves on being math-based but human-focused.  We believe that getting behind the numbers and truly effecting changes require a renewal of cultural values and meeting the needs of all stakeholders of the business.

Despite the many challenges that exist in business, particularly those that have seen a disruption of any kind (including rapid organic growth), our expertise helps provide our clients who are business owners with a brighter future consisting of greater financial health, emotional well-being, long-term sustainability, and potentially a much greater path for an ownership transfer should one be desired.

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