Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Mergers and Acquisitions

You have worked hard for the entire life cycle of owning your business. And, over the years, you have weathered storms of crises and economic downturns as well as taken advantage of strong economic times.

How do you measure the entirety of your success? What is the net aggregation of the ups, the downs, the expansion and growth?

The value of your business at any given point in time is the answer. If you were to sell or transition your business today, what could you expect as proceeds from your sale? In other words, what would be the transfer value or valuation of your company?

Knowing the valuation of your company helps measure progress and success. Integrated Growth Advisors will establish a baseline valuation of your business that can be used as a measure of what to expect upon selling your company. When periodically updating the valuation, it can also
be used as a measure of growth over a period of time.

As a business owner, driving a higher equity valuation is important to you. And, because of that, sustainability and transferability of your organization critical to achieving that higher valuation.

A sustainable and transferable business is a valuable business.

Your leadership team has worked tirelessly to get to where you are and the reward you deserve is a higher transfer value.

We achieve a higher equity valuation by applying our proprietary approach to driving stronger governance and operational efficiencies before, throughout and after the closing of the sale. We are committed to working with our clients to maximize the attractiveness of their businesses as acquisition targets or as strong and secure companies that other firms or business owners would seek to join by way of merger.

We’ve developed a lot of intellectual property that can help a business “up its game”, thereby becoming more efficient and effective, more profitable and more valuable.

We would like to share our approach with you and share how our clients spend their time in a highest and best use capacity, focusing on what they do best: running their businesses and providing quality products and services to their customers and clients, expansion of their offerings, bill for those services and collect on their receivables. While our clients do what they do best, we will bring forward aligned candidates whether they be on the buy-side or sell-side.

Sell-Side M&A Advisory Services
Integrated Growth Advisors is best positioned to deliver the highest transfer value possible. If you are seeking to sell or transition the most precious asset you own—your business—you are likely falling into one of the follow categories:
 approaching retirement age and have not yet identified a successor
 not confident that the next level of management of your company or firm is capable of
leading and sustaining your organization into the future
 no longer interested in running the day-to-day administration of the business
 leading a professional services practice in a market where a larger, dominant player has just entered the market and you may be concerned your firm will not be able to compete

Whichever your primary objective may be, our advisors are skilled and experienced at placing an emphasis on highlighting key drivers of value while also providing a roadmap for your firm to follow to drive a higher valuation. We can engage with our clients at any stage of growth or

Partners in a firm face plenty of challenges as they work to make the business perform as well as they know it can. Firms that are committed to building a sustainable and transferrable business sometimes find this to be an overwhelming task as the challenges keep coming faster and faster.

Those who succeed not only achieve higher performance, they also increase the valuation of their firms, thus making their firm attractive to both those who internally become the next generation of owners, but also externally to those who may entertain merging with or purchasing the firm in the future.

Buy-Side M&A Advisory Services

Our buy-side M&A Advisory Services clients are business owners in a variety of markets that understand the importance of increasing the valuation of their company, for example, by expanding the company’s product or service offerings, geographical reach or driving the top line
revenues. Our buy-side M&A Advisory clients want to accomplish any or all of the following by acquiring or merging a target firm or company in:
 recognize the basis for an increased valuation of their professional services firm is driving higher revenues
 recognize that a synergistic fit pays dividends whereby a non-synergistic lack of fit drive costs higher
 expand their customer, client, product, service base rapidly
 expand into another geographic market
 add specializations not currently in their firm service offerings
 address succession planning by bringing a rising star to be the successor who has the ability to help the business sustain and thrive for years to come

Integrated Growth Advisors follows a methodical process that incorporates market research, target list creation, and confidential and anonymous mailings on our client’s behalf. We then make calls, collect market intel and report back to our clients about the status of varying firms and businesses in the marketplace. All of this is done under the veil of our client’s anonymity.

Hence, our client firms and their leaders do what they do best (drive growth and profitability to their businesses) while we do what we do best (gather critical market data and key identifiers about targets in any given marketplace). The net result is a valuable exchange of our clients.

Our services require a nominal fee up front that is then applied to a contingent fee we receive upon finding the right fit for you and upon your closing of a transaction.

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