Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sell-Side M&A Advisory Services

Integrated Growth Advisors can deliver the highest transfer value possible. If you are seeking to sell or transition the most precious asset you own—your business—you and your firm probably fall into one or more of the following categories:
∙ You and your management team are approaching retirement age;
∙ You have not identified an individual in the next level of management of your company or firm who you are comfortable can continue the success and grow the value of your organization into the future;
∙ You no longer are interested in running the day-to-day administration of your business; and/or
∙ You are leading a professional services practice in a market where a larger, dominant player has just entered the market and you may be concerned your firm will not be able to compete.

Working on your behalf, IGA can help understand how best to present the firm you have built so that it attracts the right kinds of interest.  We will help you find firms interested in acquiring your firm, where your goals and their goals are in alignment, whether this involves you selling your firm and retiring or involves you and your team continuing to work well after the acquisition.  

Buy-Side M&A Advisory Services

Our buy-side M&A Advisory Services can help you whether you want to accomplish any or all of the following objectives by acquiring or merging in a target firm or company:
∙ You seek to increase your presence in a market while lowering cost of operations;
∙ You wish to expand your customer, client, product, and/or service base rapidly;
∙ You wish to enter or expand your presence in another geographic market through a transition which will provide you valuable, talented staff;
∙ You seek to diversify or expand your firm’s specializations or service offerings;
∙ You see M&A as an effective approach for addressing succession planning by bringing in a rising star to be the successor who has the ability to help the business sustain and thrive for years to come.

What Sets Us Apart

Integrated Growth Advisors follows a methodical process that that is minimally time-intensive to our clients.  It incorporates market research, target firm identification, and confidential and anonymous mailings on our client’s behalf. Our polite-but-persistent-and-informed calling approach helps us identify firms in the market whose owners are open to being acquired or being party to a merger. All of our efforts are conducted under the veil of our client’s anonymity, so that the market is not aware you may be seeking to merge with or acquire another firm.  

Whether helping on the buy or the sell-side, we realize that our reputation is only as good as the last business combination we help facilitate.  Therefore, you can trust that we will not recommend a transaction that is not in the best interest of both parties.  We ensure that the business combination makes sense, because we believe that advising against a poor business combination is better than facilitating one that will result in client loss, employee departures, reputation damage, and ultimately a loss of value to you. 

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