Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Facilitation Services

IGA delivers meeting facilitations for and training workshops for emerging leaders. Top leadership will realize a valuable outcome in the increased level of ongoing communication by all participants in an IGA Facilitated Workshop.

The IGA Development Workshop Process

When we conduct a Facilitation Workshop, we deliver a holistic approach.

  • We start by first sitting with management or your advisory team and identify core Workshop goals.
  • The IGA Workshop Facilitator prepares a detailed agenda and materials in advance to ensure that the entire session is productive, streamlined, and properly paced.
  • During the Workshop, your IGA Workshop Facilitator leads the session and any follow-up sessions.
  • At the conclusion of the Workshop, we both identify our core growth objectives and pave the way for a streamlined and effective Growth Plan implementation.

Company Values Development and Rollout

In addition to knowing your mission, company values can help guide and define a company’s culture. Our business and marketing advisors will work with your leaders to articulate and evangelize your Company Values to your stakeholders. We’ll develop a rollout and sustainability plan. We’ll help you integrate these Values in a way that inspires your employees and facilitates adoption of them at all levels and processes of your organization.

Training Workshops for Emerging Leaders

Click here to learn more about how IGA can develop your staff and managers to drive growth in your company. We offer meeting facilitations and training for emerging leaders to C-level executives. 

Learn how an IGA Workshop can help your business. Contact us today.

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