Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Marketing’s Role in Growing Revenues and Attracting Talent

Have your revenues been flat or growing at single digit percentages? Are you having difficulty attracting good talent? If you are experiencing one or both of these symptoms, you might find the cure in marketing.

Technology is affecting the way you do business and how your customers do business. People locate and shop for services from their mobile phones. Is your website mobile optimized? People make decisions about a business or a prospective employer from what they see online. They form impressions from a website and the ratings they read online. How does your business look online?

Job Candidates and Prospects Shop You Online

According to a Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, 70 percent of job candidates read reviews before making career decisions. For business services, a report by market research firm Forrester states that 68% of prospective business clients conduct their own research online before engaging with a company or its sales representative. How does your firm look to a prospective employee or client?

Clients used to come in through referrals from business relationships you cultivated over the years from all the networking events you attended. To some extent, that still works, but it isn’t enough to build or sustain your future revenues. Your online presence is absolutely critical for your business’s growth. It is the key to attracting talent, prospecting for clients, networking with referral sources, and engaging with current clients and employees. Your website is only one part of your online presence.

Improve Your Online Presence

How do you improve your online presence? Where do you start? Is your website more important than your visibility on social media sites? Which sites are the best for your business? Are they different? What is the best online advertising strategy? If these are your questions, it is time to seek out a marketing specialist for the answers.

Marketers operate in a world of online communication, social media, creative storytelling, and customer experience. They excel at organizing and keeping a project with lots of team members and moving parts on track – like building a new website or new logo or managing and measuring marketing campaigns.

Stay Top of Mind

Do you leave marketing activities to your admin coordinator? They are often buried under so much of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of customer service, billing, and running the office, that marketing activities on their plate fall down and off the list of priorities. If you look at LinkedIn, you can see this reflected in sporadic postings. Social media is meant to be an ongoing “conversation.” After all, out of sight is out of mind. Marketing keeps your business top of mind.

Contemplate the future of your business, the talent you want to attract, and the revenues you need to generate. Marketing should factor prominently into your plans. Bring in a marketing specialist to evaluate and build and implement a strategy customized to your needs. Then, stay in your lane and do what you do best, and let your marketer work a little magic.

About the Author

Jill Kovalich is a Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Integrated Growth Advisors leading its Strategic Marketing Advisory Services. She and the IGA team specialize in helping owners of businesses, including CPA firms, strategically plan for sustainable growth and execute smooth M&A integrations for those in transition.

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