Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Large Corporations

Integrated Growth Advisors services to larger organizations are usually confined to specific departments rather than being focused on the entire company. Corporations see benefits through the retaining of our services as our perspective is focused and streamlined on objectives we agree to upfront in our scoping of project work. Our team is able to quickly identify areas where departments are falling down, and we can provide process improvement recommendations with a focus on the ROI of our clients.

Large Corporations seek our assistance when:

  • The Board of Directors is seeking an outsourcing solution for their internal audit function
  • Management is seeking an objective partner in helping them determine key risks to their organization or department
  • Management is seeking assistance with augmenting their current accounting or financial reporting staff
  • Management is seeking the solution to a problem in the business process, finance or internal control related areas


Creating an Oversight Committee

When taking on a new corporate assignment, our first order of business is the establishment of an oversight committee – this committee consists entirely of members from within your organization, and the committee is ultimately responsible for helping to shape the entire engagement by, first and foremost, defining specific needs, and secondly, by assuming a managerial responsibility to represent the larger interest of the company.

The Assessment

Our next step involves our IGA team conducting a business assessment to measure the overall health of your business unit. We will review your overall process, interview your staff, and we will also see how the entire department utilizes time and resources.

In addition, we will likely conduct Facilitation Workshops to both begin to acclimate your department to a communication protocol based on objectives as well as to gain further familiarity with your company’s distinct business culture.

Growth Plan

At the conclusion of the Assessment phase, your IGA advisor will meet with the Oversight Committee to discuss the results and also to begin to lay the ground work for a  comprehensive Growth Advisory plan.

In rendering the plan, we will consider a variety of factors, including performance, technology innovations, tools, best practices, incentives, management training, business communication, as well as larger macro considerations and business objectives as relayed to our team by the Oversight Committee.

Process Improvement

IGA also offers growth-oriented process improvement services, ensuring that your team is operating at full steam with a maximum return on your efforts.


The final phase involves the utilization of our Implementation Services to introduce new technologies, new processes, and also to ensure that adequate training is provided to ensure the long-term success of our shared efforts.

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