Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Growth Advisory Services

Integrated Growth Advisors is skilled in developing and implementing growth plans for clients. Utilizing our unique experiences and our deep backgrounds with both the numbers side as well as the qualitative follow-through side, our team is continually operating at the forefront of this space.

We have developed a very specialized and nuanced expertise focused on helping our clients to plan for a future that oftentimes runs the risk of being very dynamic and disruptive.

IGA Growth Advisory services offers our clients a strong vision for the future that views growth through a variety of lenses. Our process goes beyond the balance sheet and truly dives in at a deeper level that results in profitability, corporate health, and sustainability.

Growth Based on Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics

At IGA our entire team is very numbers-oriented, but we also have deep experience with the practicalities of business growth. We work with our clients to develop paths that will ensure a sustainable environment that is metrics-driven, allowing our clients to have a long-term growth orientation that enhances accountability and continually allows for critical measurements at every step of your journey.

The IGA Approach to Growth

As a result of our experience, we have developed a Growth Advisory Methodology that allows our team to interact with yours on multiple levels, all while maintaining a focus on core growth objectives.

We begin by first defining success for the project based upon expectations as defined by you, our client. We then conduct a risk-reward analysis based upon a collaborative discussion with your team in order to prioritize which tasks will be undertaken first. Our discussions and activities result in a scoping document for use in navigating the project.

Removing the Box

In business we often hear reference to business thinking as defined by “the box” – it could be too inside the box, or perhaps going outside of the box. At IGA we take a different view on it – we keep it simple and we approach our client growth advisory services by entirely removing the box.

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