Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Facilitation Services

Often the best solutions require a variety of approaches before an optimum outcome presents itself.  Many times the best solutions will involve a mix of a number of ideas.  In addition, every business has a legacy – much of that legacy is critical to the ongoing success, and it is crucial that as we evaluate the entire process and approach that we make sure that the legacy elements remain in play, although perhaps with some new permutations.

The ability to effectively and cohesively identify, distill, and ultimately to advance an optimal growth path is the true power of our IGA Facilitated Workshops.

The IGA Development Workshop Process

When we conduct a Facilitation Workshop we deliver a holistic approach.

  • We start by first sitting with management or with a pre-empowered advisory team from your business, and we identify core Workshop goals.
  • The IGA Workshop Facilitator will then prepare a detailed agenda and conduct research and quite possibly materials in advance of the workshop to ensure that the entire session is productive, streamlined, and properly paced.
  • During the Workshop our IGA Workshop Facilitator will lead the entire session, as well as any follow-up sessions to ensure that we are tightly focused on the already-identified core areas.
  • At the conclusion of the Workshop, we are then further along in helping to both identify our core growth objectives, and more importantly we have achieved  engagement of key client  team members allowing for a more streamlined and effective Growth Plan implementation.

Beyond the Process

Our customized Facilitation Workshops provide a dramatic lift to our clients with regard to actionable items.  Follow-through and accountability are enhanced by achieving engagement of the client team members.

Perhaps a bigger objective and more valuable outcome from this process is that we have seen an increased level of ongoing communication by all participants.  This is particularly true for our Workshops that are geared towards upper management scenarios where partners and key stakeholders are having difficulty communicating cross-functional goals and objectives.

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