Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet


Our team of experts at Integrated Growth Advisors works exclusively with clients whose businesses fully align with our own internal areas of expertise.  We know that the stakes are immense and the responsibility that our clients entrust our team with is mission-critical.  We know that our clients depend on our expertise and our vision.

Ultimately what it comes down to is, our clients rely on the vast experience and expertise of IGA to help re-align core business practices based on measurement, metrics, and human factors to ensure long-term financial health, sustainability, and overall general business wellness.

Our core industry concentrations are as follows:

  • Privately Held Businesses – This practice concentration is directed at businesses doing $5MM – $50MM in annual sales.  Learn More
  • Large Corporations – This practice concentration is directed at a departmental level within larger corporations.  We will evaluate your team, identify the blockers, and ultimately work with your management to provide Growth Solutions to streamline and optimize.  Learn More
  • CPA Firms – Our experience working with CPA firms runs deep and is very focused on evaluating the entire firm and on delivering long-term growth solutions focused on both the manner in which your firm is structured and also in evaluating your overall client approach.  Learn More
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