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Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Sales Compensation Advisory

Driving sales success requires establishing the right sales compensation plan. Our sales compensation plan experts work with sales teams of all sizes.

Sales comp plan metrics and design is very much a multi-dimensional undertaking. So, it requires an objective partner who is skilled in evaluating a variety of considerations. These might include size of a company, geographical coverage, organizational structure, weights and metrics, performance thresholds, key performance indicators, pay-mix, incentives, base, and many others.  IGA offers this expertise.

Simple to understand, complex to deliver.

An effective sales compensation plan should be simple to understand, but may be complex to deliver in a way that considers all relevant aspects of a company.

At Integrated Growth Advisors (IGA), we are skilled in sales compensation plan design and implementation.  Our team balances the needs and objectives of our clients, their people, and their sales process. There is one common goal: to provide our clients with facilitated guidance to achieve the right sized, right shape compensation plan.

The IGA approach to advising our clients starts with understanding the many facets of a client’s business. We can provide a targeted result that assures our efficient and targeted use of client resources.

We follow a non-disruptive interview process at the onset of each engagement that brings the context of overall sales effectiveness to a client’s sales compensation design objectives.

The IGA team follows a step by step process for sales compensation plan design. Our sales compensation experts are skilled in aligning strengths of the overall sales effectiveness with the objectives of each step along the path to a plan design.

This yields great results for the company and its sales force. The IGA Sales Effectiveness Model, here, provides a graphic representation of our process.

Reese Bacon, Partner

Reese Bacon, Partner, is the Sales Compensation Advisory Services Practice Leader with Integrated Growth Advisors, where he serves as technical lead on sales compensation and sales effectiveness services. Reese is an expert in field sales compensation and change management. His clients span across all industries, and his offerings apply to a sales force of one to a sales force of 20,000. After many years and hundreds of client experiences, he is convinced that the primary role of sales leadership is employee satisfaction, compensation, and development. Reese has served in advisory roles for Mercer and BDO USA prior to joining Integrated Growth Advisors.

David Landrum, Partner

David Landrum is Partner in charge of Client Relations at Integrated Growth Advisors and a member of the Sales Compensation Advisory practice area of the firm. David works closely with C-level leadership and executives across IGA’s diverse client base to assure the appropriate resources are aligned to meet their needs and support their strategic and tactical objectives.

David also establishes and nurtures relationships with CPA firms and other professional services firms, where a strategic alliance can provide mutual benefits.

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