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Strategic Marketing Advisory

We work with business owners who want to build sustainable growth.

Fractional Marketing Management

Many business leaders are comfortable managing P&L’s but not marketing functions. We provide you with a solution that won’t impact your payroll — outsourcing fractional Marketing management services. We provide highly experienced marketing management for as long as you need. A fractional Marketing Manager/Director/Chief Marketing Officer is a focused resource that drives actionable plans with the added benefit of bringing you objectivity and best practices from other companies. She helps with customer acquisition, sales development and company growth. This fractional resource can bring incredible value to a company where having a full-time person on the payroll isn’t practical.

Strategic Marketing Plans & Budgets

Integrated Growth Advisors (IGA) works with you to develop a practical, actionable marketing plan and a budget that supports your overall business growth and is aligned with your strategic objectives. A solid plan backed up by analytics enables your executive leadership to measure the ROI for your marketing spend. Use data-driven insights to adjust and align your plan and business strategies. At IGA, we understand how to build a marketing strategy that serves as a revenue-generating asset for your business.

M&A Seamless Transition

Selling? Buying? Seeking highest valuation? Increase your value with proper visibility and market positioning before you look for a buyer. Position your business for a successful purchase, a smooth transition, and employee and client retention. View your marketing as a cashflow generating asset of your business. Reduce potential employee turnover and lost clients. Our goal is a seamless transition. We’ll craft the right PR message to tell your story and generate excitement – and build customer confidence. We’ll work with your staff to bring them along on your journey and help them navigate organizational change.

Don’t be caught in the post-merger fire drill when you discover you haven’t planned properly. 

Marketing Performance Optimization

IGA offers a solution to new Marketing Managers and Directors, and CEOs and Managing Partners whose expertise is outside the discipline of marketing. We offer a program of marketing coaching and mentoring. This program elevates abilities to develop marketing plans and budgets, articulate marketing initiatives to top leadership in bottom line terms, build a marketing culture internally, and implement processes for measuring ROI for marketing spend.

Strategic Marketing Value Funnel
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