Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

CPA Firms

We are passionate about working with CPA firms, and we have tremendous enthusiasm for the talented and bright people who make them exceptional. In addition to the passion for the area of CPA firms, our team also possesses massive domain expertise in this area – with our two founding advisors having worked at various-sized CPA firms in the past.  We love this space.  We know this space.  And frankly, we offer tremendous value to our CPA clients based on our unique positioning as having previously served in management levels in the industry.

We do this by combining appropriate strategic planning resources with effective tools that easily integrate with your business plan.

CPA Firms seek our assistance when:

  • They are seeking a proven approach to growing their business organically
  • They are seeking better efficiencies in their internal processes and wish not to sacrifice the effectiveness of their work product
  • They have become disenchanted with maintaining a professional sales representative for their business
  • They are seeking a holistic approach to growth, thus understanding that profitability comes from their ability to attain goals in an efficient and effective manner
  • They would like to develop the next level of future firm leaders
  • They are seeking to position themselves for a future M&A transaction


The Core Issues Facing CPA Firms

We consistently see three problems impacting the CPA profession from a growth and economic perspective, all of which ultimately can deliver substantial negative impacts:

  1. Lack of market competitiveness (low prioritization placed on market drivers of the CPA firm as a business)
  2. Shortfall in business acumen (about what drives the business unit of a CPA firm) among various levels within a CPA firm
  3. Lack of an entrepreneurial spirit among various levels within a CPA firm 

Your Integrated Growth Advisors experts can deliver enhanced outcomes for any and all of the above instances, and our deep pool of experience, tools, and relationships allow our CPA clients to be well-positioned for a brighter future.

The IGA Process

When we begin work with a new CPA client, each process will be unique and customized, but generally there are a number of common areas that we tend to deliver on for each engagement.

Financial metrics are certainly a component, and we have observed that many of CPA firms are so focused on the financials of their clients that they often do not devote enough long-term focus on the numbers behind their own firm. This is a direct result of how many CPA partnerships are structured, all too often without enough internal control and accountability among the partners.  Challenges with partner accountability are often symptomatic of the other piece of the puzzle that our firm focuses on while conducting our initial assessment – human and cultural factors that determine performance outcomes.

Our next area is focused on Growth Advisory services where our skilled managers work with the CPA firm to establish goals and also to develop specific processes to achieve those goals.  Should a firm be in position to participate in a specific financial event such as a merger or perhaps the purchase of another firm, we have the relationship to facilitate appropriate introductions as well as the resources to provide your firm with sound guidance.

We will also be brought in to conduct Facilitation Workshops, particularly among partners, managers, or staff, in order to work through specific business issues and also to help your firm to establish new relationship paradigms that are closely aligned with a stronger growth trajectory.

Following the delivery of all growth strategies and proposed tactics, our staff at IGA is often retained to provide Implementation Services to ensure a smooth transition. We will work directly with your management to introduce, implement, and train your staff in a variety of disciplines as outlined in our Growth Plan.  In select circumstances where our team does not possess direct knowledge with regard to an identified need, we often rely on our list of expert resources to ensure that your entire process is optimally introduced by only exceptional vendors with the appropriate expertise aligned exactly to  your specific areas of need.

A Culture of Success

The CPA space is faced with many challenges, all of which have a direct impact on the success of your firm.  Partner priorities change over time.  Key clients come and go.  Junior members of your firm want to grow, and often, if the opportunity is not in your firm, they leave, taking valuable knowledge and putting client relationships at risk.

Our CPA clients come to us well aware of these obstacles, but not necessarily positioned to address these issues in efficient and effective ways. Our team at IGA is able to effectively remediate long-standing internal issues, to pinpoint financial growth challenges, and most importantly, to provide growth solutions that position our CPA clients for long-term sustainability, growth, and protection of partner capital.

We are very proud of the work we have delivered for our CPA clients.  Our experience in this particular business area runs deep, and beyond the passion we possess for this space, our knowledge in this area provides the basis for our strength.

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