Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet


CPA firm CEOs who are evaluating their talent on the front lines of this tax season.   Some firms are suffering from the pains of mismatched staff, perhaps the result of hiring too fast simply to fill an opening at a bargain price.  The cost of a mismatched hire is significant and can come along withContinue Reading

Driving Value and Performance During Busy Season

“Let’s wait until after the 15th.”No CPA has ever said that, right???   Much to the chagrin of many CPA firm leaders, these words are uttered all too easily by partners, managers, and staff. The fact is that the treadmill of the business world is always running and it doesn’t stop because a CPA is battlingContinue Reading

Job Opening: Strategic Tax Manager

Our retained search client, is a Carolina based CPA firm that offers a relaxed work atmosphere combined with continuous technical learning and professional development, high spirited client services, and an emphasis on community and team relationships.  We get the job done for our clients, while encouraging a work and life balance. We put a highContinue Reading

Preparing for New Owners Podcast

Important Considerations in Transferring or Selling a Firm In every accounting firm, there comes a time when managing partners will change for various reasons such as retirement. The firm needs to be passed on to new owners, whether through an internal transfer or an external sale. In this interesting episode, Dan McMahon, Founder and ManagingContinue Reading

Maximizing Firm Value During the Baby Boomer CPA Transition Tsunami


The first group of baby boomers started to turn 65 in 2011 and the wave of additional baby boomers to enter this age bracket will continue for years to come.

The implications of this on CPA firms is quite substantial and the impact will be widely felt for years to come. Unfortunately the firms that do not have in place a strong growth strategy aligned with sound tactics will be faced with substantial issues in what promises to be a very competitive environment.

The CPA Transition Tsunami

On the one side we have the potential for a large number of exits. And on the other side we have limited funds available. The scenario has all the potential markings of a feeding frenzy, and the firms that are caught flat footed will face some serious shortfall.Continue Reading

Marketing’s Role in Growing Revenues and Attracting Talent

Have your revenues been flat or growing at single digit percentages? Are you having difficulty attracting good talent? If you are experiencing one or both of these symptoms, you might find the cure in marketing. Technology is affecting the way you do business and how your customers do business. People locate and shop for servicesContinue Reading

Governance Foundations and Aspirations – Why Focus on Governance?

One of our recent blog posts centered on the topic of attracting, engaging and retaining good people. We drew a comparison between building a firm foundationally strong in its corporate governance structure and “going the distance” by deploying an effective corporate governance structure. The timing of that blog coincidentally preceded an announcement from Major LeagueContinue Reading

Foundations of Governance: Attract, Engage, Retain

“If you build it, they will come” …and maybe they will even stay and “go the distance.” It’s summertime. The 2019 baseball season is in full throttle and the All-Star Game is already two weeks in the past. I recently watched Field of Dreams again for the umpteenth time. I watch it every summer whenContinue Reading

5 Fortunes of CPA Firm Governance: a white paper

There is no “one size fits all” answer to designing and applying an effective governance model. This whitepaper addresses five (among many) benefits of effectively deploying a governance structure in a CPA firm. We will first seek to provide a functional definition of governance that will then frame our deep dive discussion of the fiveContinue Reading

McMahon to Speak at National Conference on Firm Governance

  Daniel J. McMahon, founder and managing partner of Integrated Growth Advisors (IGA), will present “The Five Fortunes of CPA Governance” at the Allinial Global 2019 Executive Team Conference in Napa, CA, on May 21. Prior to founding IGA, McMahon served as an Audit Partner and the Partner-in-Charge of Sales and Marketing for a $30Continue Reading

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