Adding Value Beyond the Balance Sheet

Business Owner Objectivity: The Case for Coaches

Business owners are not objective about their companies, or about their skills and abilities as managers. No one is objective in matters involving themselves. Human nature has endowed all of us with the ability to deceive ourselves about our skills, attributes, and talents. We can thank our cavemen ancestors for this behavioral inheritance. Imagine yourContinue Reading

Make America Accountable Again

Each of us at one time or another has likely wished that government would be run more like a business. But beware, for your wish may come true. Many of the nearly 28 million American businesses are poorly run. Half of all new companies don’t survive past five years. What we really yearn for isContinue Reading

Grow or Die: Is it One or the Other?

Recently, a friend told me how he recently became engaged in a heated debate with a client. The topic of controversy: Whether the grow or die axiom, so popular in corporate America, was a binary choice. Here’s how he related it to me. I was urging my client, a senior partner in a well-established accountingContinue Reading

The Value of Execution

Warren Buffet once said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” If you own a business, the day will come when you will wish to sell. When it does, you will want to be paid the best price possible for your life’s work. To do so, you need to have built a businessContinue Reading

Pain, Gain, and Business Growth

Imagine that you experience a flash of inspiration and conceive a clever idea for a business venture. You quickly execute on your idea and make a fast profit of $10,000. How do you think you would feel? No doubt you would be happy with your success. Now imagine that instead of a fast $10,000 profit,Continue Reading

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